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The Department has the responsibility of handling every aspect of Information and Communications Technology activities of the Commission. The Department maintains and adequately updates a databank on all aspects of salaries/wages and incomes in the entire Federal Public Service. It liaises, from time to time with the Operational Departments of the Commission to analyse and give appropriate information to different categories of stakeholders on matters relating to national policy on incomes and wage bill of government.



The functions of the Department, among others are to:

  • Set up, maintains and runs a databank on wages, salaries and productivity index;
  • Manages the Information and Communications Technology needs of the Commission through a vibrant computerisation system;
  • Provide  library services;
  • Publish  the Commission's quarterly Bulletin, Annual Report and other relevant technical reports generated by the operational Departments;
  • Provide  a central point for information enquiry and management;
  • Educate  Commission's staff on issues relating to Information and Communication Technology;
  •  Maintain the Commission’s website;
  • Manage client-based official electronic mail facilities to all members of staff;



The Department is divided into three divisions, namely:
(i)         Computer services;



  • Mr. O.O. Ojo                             Deputy Director (Head Management Information Department)
  • Mr. Paul E.P                             Assistant Director
  • Mr. S.O. Akogu                         Assistant Chief Programme Analyst


The Department is carrying out the following activities:

Some activities performed by the sections in the department include:-

  • Advises the Commission on issues relating to Information and Communication Technology;
  • Maintains the Commission's network through Local and Wide area networks;
  • Maintains the Commission’ computer systems and accessories;
  • Co-ordinates the establishment of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS);
  • Has developed and Maintains the salaries and Wages Management Information System (SAWMIS) and
  • Integrated Management Information System for the Commission, which so far includes the following:

    (a) Payroll Information System (PIS),
    (b) Human Resources Information System (HRIS),
    (c) Budget Information System (BIS),
    (d) General Ledger Information System (GLIS), and,
    (e) Accounts Payable Information System (APIS);

  • Maintains Database on Manning Levels of the Federal Public Service in Nigeria;
  • Publishes on regular basis the following reports of the Commission;
    1. Quarterly Salaries and Wages Bulletin
    2.  Annual Reports
    3. Annual Reports of Incomes Survey of the Informal Sector of Nigeria Economy
    4. Annual Reports of the Salary Inspection of selected establishment in the Federal Public Service
    5. Reports of the Quarterly Analysis of Real and Appropriate Wage in the Federal Public Service;
    6. Annual Pay Comparability Survey;
    7. Annual Job Classification Reports.
  • Development of Digital Library for the Commission
  • Development of an Electronic Document Management System (Phase I so far completed).





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