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Department of Evaluation & Grading

The Department is primarily charged with the responsibility for grading, upgrading, reviewing of evaluation plans and setting job standards in the entire Public Service of Nigeria amongst others.



The Department has two main divisions namely:

(i)         Job Evaluation; and

(ii)        Job Grading.

Key Officers

1. Mr. Lazarus Onyemaechi Ebirim: Director (Please click to read Profile)
2. Mr. E. O. Kwevi: Deputy Director


The functions of the Department as contained in the Commission’s enabling law, Act 99 of 1993, is to examine, streamline and recommend salary scales applicable to each post in the Public Service.  These objectives could be interpreted as follows:

  1. Undertaking organizational analysis of objectives, goals and structures of all
    establishments in the Public Services;
  2. Gathering job data through job analysis and preparation of job descriptions and specifications;
  3. Designing job features/factors or characteristics peculiar to all jobs in the Federal Public Service;
  4. Writing position analysis schedule (PAS) of every post by carrying out job evaluation exercises;
  5. Identifying benchmarks position of every job in the hierarchy – including weighting of compensable factors;
  6. Writing job standards that reflect standards of performance required of every post holder;
  7. Undertaking job matching of posts through job attributes of the posts by comparing civil service jobs with the organized private sector jobs;
  8. Carrying out job inspection of post in order to know the number of posts, cadres, professions and positions in the Federal Civil Service



The Department is currently carrying out a job classification exercise which
objectives are to:

  1. Re-classify and categorise jobs into various identified occupational groups in the Public Service;
  2. Produce a dictionary of jobs/occupations in the Public Service;
  3. Develop/design appropriate job standards for each occupation;
  4. Review/redesign/update current job evaluation plans which were first designed by the Udoji Public Service review Commission in 1974.
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