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The Department is responsible for the handling of human resource management and other general administrative processes as well as other duties that may be assigned to it from time to time by the Chairman.




    The Department is charged with the following responsibilities:
    • General administration, formulation, execution and review of personnel policies;

    • Coordination of matters relating to appointment, documentation, promotion, advancement, conversion and confirmation;

    • Discipline of staff and related matters;

    • Processing of request for advances and leave etc;

    • Training of staff both locally and internationally;

    • Handles other aspects of Staff Development such as study leave with/without pay, mental and physical development including sporting activities;

    • Handles staff welfare matters such as marriages, death and related issues; and

    • Coordinates the transport section.



The Department   is structured into two Divisions, namely:
            a.        Staff Welfare and Training (SWT) and
            b.       Appointment, Promotion and Discipline (APD).

The Staff Welfare and Training Division (SW&T) The Staff Welfare and Training Division comprises of the Training Unit and the Staff Welfare Unit. The training Unit handles all training activities of the Commission, both locally and internationally.  The Division relates well with some established training outfits such as Centre for Management Development (CMD), Corporate Administrators of Nigeria, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), etc, where staff are sent for specific training which is aimed at bridging the skill deficiency gaps.  The Staff Welfare Unit handles all staff welfare matters inclusive of marriages, deaths, request for advances, loans, etc. Another unit under the SW&T Division is the Transport Unit which handles all issues on transportation and logistics of the Commission.   Also, the Commission has a Wages Club and the Staff Welfare and Training Division oversees it’s activities.

The Appointment Promotion, Discipline Division (APD). This Division handles all aspects relating to Appointments, Promotions, and Discipline in the Commission.  The division have other units such as the Open Registry and Confidential Registry where leave issues are treated. The registry is considered the hub of the Department.




  • In 2009, the Commission achieved 95% of training activities
  • Promotion, upgrading and conversion of staff are carried out as at when due.
  • Staff Welfare has improved greatly.
  • The Commission now has its own Cooperative and Thrift Society since 2010.
  • The labour relations between Staff and Management have been very cordial and Management policies are labour friendly





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